This article will help you understand the benefits of using NCERT books and exemplar problems to score well in the exam. The main aim of students is to score good marks in the annual exam, using the numerous study materials which are available in the market. NCERT is an organization which provides textbooks for students from primary to secondary level. It is useful for CBSE students to focus on basic concepts and prepare for the annual exam.

These books are available for all the subjects, curated as per current CBSE board. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History Chapter 3 summarises the rulers of Delhi during medieval period and their significance. These books contain chapters in a simple language, which enhances problem solving and analytical thinking abilities of students. NCERT objective is to design and implement a common education system in the nation.

Important features of NCERT books

1. Comprehensive explanation in understandable language

NCERT books are curated by experts after conducting wide research on each concept. These books are designed, based on the intelligence quotient of students. The information provided is accurate to help students improve their exam performance.

2. Curated as per CBSE guidelines

The textbooks adhere to the CBSE curriculum, which is sufficient for the students to appear for the board exam and other competitive exams. Textual materials form the base in exam preparation as the question papers are designed according to the current syllabus.

3. Strong foundation of fundamental concepts

Basic concepts and important formulas are explained here with the aim of making the concepts crystal clear among students. During the exam preparation, students can improve their conceptual knowledge without mugging up answers.

4. Important study material for board exams

Previous year question papers mainly contain concepts taken directly or indirectly from the textbook. Students are provided with basic knowledge about the topics covered in each chapter and their applications in our day to day lives.

5. Simple learning material

NCERT develops study materials for all the classes including teaching material, study material and reference material for school level students. Faculty having tremendous teaching experience in the education industry have designed the study material, as per the current syllabus.

To prepare for the exams, there is no harm in using extra study materials and reference guides. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History Chapter 10 provides students with the basic knowledge of 18th century political formations. However, most of the time, study materials contain concise notes without explanation about concepts. So, it is better to understand the concepts using NCERT textbook and boost their exam preparation.


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