There can be many ways in which you can gain citizenship in any country in Europe. Talking about how to get citizenship, Belgium has the simplest way for this process. It only has a residency requirement of 5 years.

Citizenship requirements of Austria, Denmark, Estonia and Finland

European Union countries have extended privileges to the citizens of the member countries in terms of living for reduced years for getting residency of another member country.

For example, in Austria, the time for which a candidate, is needed to live on PR for the purpose of getting citizenship is 10 years. Without this much time spent on PR, a candidate can’t be given citizenship. However, the residency requirements are less for citizens of European Union. An EU candidate should have just lived in Austria for 6 years for getting citizenship.  Being a citizen of Austria also helps you to move to the country of USA without taking the travel visa to this country.

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Apart from Austria, Spain has also imposed the residency requirement for 10 years if you want to get citizenship. The candidate, however, has to face a reduced “residency” requirement of 2 years, in case he belongs to one of those countries which were an erstwhile Spanish colony. Spain earlier had countries of Latin America as its colonies. Spain had different countries as colonies such as Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. So, the citizens of these countries only have to live in Spain for 2 years for getting the Spanish citizenship.

Apart from Austria, Denmark also has long residency requirements for the grant of citizenship. Without living in this country for 9 years as per PR, you can’t be given citizenship here. Estonia also requires a candidate to live here for a long time of 8 years to acquire citizenship.

Bulgaria also needs a residency requirement of 5 years to get the citizenship of this country.

Finland also needs living for 60 months in this country, to become apt for citizenship. All the citizens of these countries can have citizenship of Spain also apart from having citizenship of their own country. (dual citizenship).

Benefits of getting a European country citizenship

One of the most acknowledged benefits of this kind of citizenship is that you have the right to move to any Schengen country and enjoy employment there. The candidate can live in any of the 26 Schengen countries, or travel in the entire Schengen zone for 90days without a  visa requirement imposed on you. He can spread his travel for the duration of 3 months in the Schengen area. He can come to the schengen zone and leave it any number of times during 6 months, but his total days of stay in this zone should be 90 days. Going further, this kind of liberty of free movement and stay in the Schengen area countries, is for 3 months, so you have to leave the Schengen zone when the three months end. One can get this kind of free movement allowed to him any number of times. So, you get an amazing comfort by getting the citizenship of any Schengen country.


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