Usually all the people start looking for a good case after investing in a smartphone. There are many cases in the market as nobody carries their smartphones without a case nowadays. Some companies are making fantastic cases but Urban Armor Gear is no doubt at the top of the list. If you own a Galaxy Note Edge or an iPhone 6 Plus, then Urban Armor Gear should be your first choice.

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Urban Armor Gear for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the best Android phones in the market. It seemed like no case would fit it because of its unique edges. Surprisingly, UAG is simply perfect for it in every possible way. It provides excellent protection to the phone. The great advantage is that it is extremely light and that is why the phone is very comfortable to use and hold. Moreover, it looks gorgeous as well. It also gives your thumb a place to relax while you activate a button on the edge display.




This case is a perfect fit for your phone due to which your phone would never fall off the case. Due to this reason it takes some time to remove the phone from the case. Although the case is quite light but it is still very strong.Your phone will survive the small accidental drops in this case. You can easily take out the S Pen even when the phone is in the case. There are holes for mics, camera, heart rate monitor, speakers, IR port and headphone jack. Due to an elevated area on top of the camera lens the sound gets amplified when you put the phone on the table. If you are interested in a phone cover for your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that does not only provide full protection but also looks fantastic then you should definitely invest in this Urban Armor Gear. You can purchase it for $39.95.

Our question is will Urban Armor make a product for the Galaxy S6? All the rumours suggest that there will be an Edge variant of this device too



Urban Armor Gear Outland and Aero for iPhone 6 Plus:

Although iPhone 6 Plus is a huge phone but people still like to put it in a case in order to prevent it from bending. UAG is a perfect case for iPhone 6 plus as it protects it from bending and adds very little to its size and weight. The case is made up of two different materials. The inner one is quite soft whereas the outer one is quite hard. It also includes a plastic screen protection. Volume and power buttons are protected with the help of covered buttons. There are openings for headphone jack, camera, flash, ringer switch, speaker and Lightning Port. It fits iPhone 6 Plus perfectly so you need to be very careful while taking it out. The UAG Outland is orange in color while Aero is slate blue. These two covers not only provide complete protection to the iPhone 6 Plus but also makes it look fantastic. You can purchase it for $39.95 with free shipping anywhere in the world.


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