When you built a website for your company, everything is being focused from its development to its designing. A website is made in such a way that it attracts various users and persuades them to buy their services or products. A website is successful only if it is easily accessible and used. Users will tend more towards the site where they can simply retrieve the desired information. The essential feature above all is search engine visibility. Below mentioned are the few tips that will make your website search engine friendly.

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Validation of HTML code is necessary

If your HTML code contains error it is your responsibility to correct it and make it error free. Search engines usually don’t care about errors you make in your code. The major drawback of having an error in the code is that they are undetectable in the web browser. Moreover a part of your content will also be invisible because search engine will accept it as formatting information instead of the content of the website.

Add a description of what your picture is really saying

There is no such search engine developed till date which can comprehend what is being shown by the images or videos. In other words they can’t provide us with the text that images and videos want to show. To make your website search engine friendly whenever you upload any images or videos in the coding add its brief description. In a way search engine will read it and include it in the index of the web page.

Give meaningful titles to individual pages

Most of you while designing the website write the website’s name on the title tag of each page. You should only write the name of the website on the title tag of its homepage. Besides that every pages should be given a meaningful title tag. The tag is like an invisible code which the browser uses to show on its window. With the help of title tags search engine finds out what your page is all about by using it in its algorithm.

Avoid redundancy of the content

Eliminate the usage of similar pages again and again in your website. This will efficiently reduce your index in the search engine. For instance if you have two webpages with similar content and quintessence of content is evaluated through the number links it is being pointed by. Now if you have similar content on different pages of your website the links will automatically reduce to half and the pages will not be treated as important as they should be.

By following the above mentioned tips you can definitely make your website search engine friendly. Moreover you can also take the help of various social media services for increasing the ranking of your website on various search engines.


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