With several NBN providers currently available for you to choose from, the process of choosing the best plan can prove to be overwhelming. Typically, some of these providers may provide all the features that you need, but you may need to shell out a hefty sum for it. Rest assured that the best ones will be able to provide you with an agreeable balance between the inclusions of your plan and the price that you have to pay.

To make it easy for you to choose an NBN provider to go with, as well as pick a plan fit for your needs, below is a list of the top picks from some of the best providers. Just take note that this list is focused on the standard speed tier, which is the most viable speed tier for a small to medium-sized household with users simultaneously connecting to the internet.

Best Telstra NBN Plan: Unlimited Data (NBN 50)

Telstra offers an unlimited NBN plan in the standard speed tier without a lock-in contract. For this reason, this plan is considered as one of the best unlimited NBN plans Brisbane locals recommend. It even comes with a smart modem that includes a 4G backup, ensuring that you can get connected to the internet even if the broadband fails. With this plan, you also get access to customer support that is available at any time of the day, all days of the week.

Best Optus NBN Plan: Optus Internet Everyday

You can also consider the Optus Internet Everyday plan which also boasts of unlimited data at a standard speed tier. Like with the plan from Telstra, you also get to have an Ultra WiFi modem with 4G backup, as well as an Optus Sport subscription. This is particularly beneficial if you are a sports fan who needs to be updated with the latest happenings and games of the English Premier League football. The best part is that you get this plan for only $75 a month, which is $15 cheaper compared to the plan offered by Telstra.

Best TPG NBN Plan: NBN50 Unlimited Bundle

TPG also offers an unlimited NBN plan under the standard speed tier for only $69.99 a month. While the price that you have to pay is less than what you have to pay in case you go for a Telstra or an Optus plan, you need to consider that with a TPG NBN50 Unlimited Bundle, you need to sign a contract plan of six months. Rest assured that this provider already has a proven track record when it comes to reliability and evening speed, which is why your lock-in contract may prove to be worth it.

Best iiNet NBN Plan: NBN50 Limitless

If you intend to avail of a Fetch TV Mini set-top box, then you should go for iiNet’s NBN50 Limitless plan that also comes with a subscription to one premium channel pack. For $79.99 a month, you even get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 48Mbps and unlimited data. Just keep in mind that you also need to prepare $59.99 upfront for the setup fee of Fetch TV.

Best Dodo NBN Plan: NBN50 Unlimited Plan

Dodo is considered as one of the best budget NBN providers in Australia. Thus, you can get their NBN50 Unlimited Plan for only $70 a month and enjoy an evening speed of 41Mbps, as well as unlimited data. But there is a catch because you need to sign up for a 12-month lock-in contract, only if you wish to waive the $120 start-up fee.

Final Word

The NBN providers listed above are only some of the best ones that can deliver you a stable and reliable internet connection. These providers offer various plans but the ones included above will surely help you get the most for your money. Nevertheless, the key is in still considering factors such as the speed and the data that you need before eventually choosing an NBN provider.



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