If you are looking for a moving truck rental in Dubai, there are so many options to choose from. There are plenty of organisations that provide truck rental services. But deciding on which one to choose based on your requirements might turn out to be a difficult task. If you are confused about where to start from, this is for you.

  • Requirement Analysis: The first thing that you need to do before reaching out to any of the truck rental providers is analyzing your requirement. This includes those items that you need to move. Figure out the dimensions of your current rooms in cubic feet. On a general basis, an average room measures something around 200 cubic feet. Another thing to consider is the approximate weight of the items. This is because certain trucks have weight limitations. Knowing the correct size would help you determine the size of the truck needed. Your choice of the truck rental service would also depend on your travel distance. So, making a note of all these requirements is the foremost part of your agenda.
  • Choosing the Best Moving Truck Rental: When you have a clear picture of your requirements, now you can go ahead in your pursuit of the best moving truck rental. A whole lot of factors play part here. Let us look at each one of them:
  • Type of Rental Service: It can be a two way service wherein the truck needs to carry load from one place to the other and also needs to return loaded. Another might be a one way truck rental service, where in you are planning to moveinter city, state or country. So, make selection accordingly to avoid end up paying extra charges.
  • Selecting the truck: There are many things to consider while selecting the truck. The size of the truck is the first thing to select. Make sure you choose the truck based on your needs. Standard sizes like 10 foot, 15 foot, 17 foot, 20 foot and 26 foot trucks are available to choose from. Other factors to select are the engine efficiency, the crew cab and the axle ratio.
  • Costs involved: Next you need to figure out the finances involved. A one way reputed truck rental service in Dubai would be more expensive. In order to get a clear idea, get the per mile rate from the rental company, calculate the distance between your pickup and drop location and you get the transportation charges. Other charges might be involved, like packing and lifting charges.
  • Additional Factors and their Charges: One point worth noting is the insurance cost. You definitely do not want to take the risk with all your expensive house items. Additionally, you would have to pay taxes as well. Get a clear picture from your service provider on the extra mile and additional time charges, toll taxes and other surcharges as well.

Having numerous truck rental services in Dubai can make it a real daunting task to select the best option, still, keeping the aforementioned factors in mind can guide you along the way. Trukkin, you all time logistic partner can provide you truck rental service without the need for undergoing any cumbersome process.


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