Having your own child and starting a family is everyone’s dream. In this era, women are more about career and achieving heights in career. But it doesn’t matter how much you earned money or how much higher post you achieved in your life but at some time starting a family is a priority for all. But some decades before it is believed that giving birth is the main and sole purpose of a woman and unfortunately, if she fails in it then she doesn’t have any purpose to live. But now these orthodox beliefs are long gone. If you are infertile then there are so many treatments that help you in achieving your pregnancy. And also, if such a situation arises families also support the woman and encourage them for treatments. 

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Now, let’s discuss some points that help you to know and understand the process of IVF.


This time due to change in our lifestyle, eating habits and many other things that eventually affects our reproductive system leads to infertility.  Most women are affected and in 20 % of cases, both men and women are found infertile. So, don’t blame yourself or because it is not in anyone’s hand. So, if you know someone who is going through such a situation then encourage them and help them to get through it.


In-vitro fertilization is done outside the body as the eggs were removed from the female’s womb and then fertilized outside the body and then placed again in the body. This process might be lengthy, as it takes time to prepare the woman’s body to collect the eggs. This can include medication and before the egg collection takes place you have to go for scans/check-ups for many weeks. After the procedure of an hour, patients have to come back to the clinic for the embryo transfer. This means the whole treatment can take around 4-5 weeks. Other than IVF many short-timed processes can help you to achieve pregnancy.


Although basic IVF is the most common type of IVF known in India, this is not the only type of treatment or necessarily the most appropriate treatment available for infertility. There are also others, with fewer medication forms of treatment. Natural IVF is the least intense and does not use any stimulating medication. Modified IVF only requires 3-4 days of medication and Mild IVF 5-9 days of medication. The advantage of these treatments is that they are done without disturbing your menstruation cycles.


Success rates are not always exact to prediction and so sometimes it can give a misleading picture about the chances of your successful treatment. Some clinics promise or give about successful pregnancy even after knowing the factors that may vary the results, and for the sake of money, they play with the emotion of people. It is important to look carefully at exactly what is being measured and how many chances you have for a successful pregnancy. Every clinic measures on a different basis some measure success by positive pregnancy tests, some measure by clinical pregnancy and others by live births. First Step IVF in Delhi gives you a different level of transparency regarding your successful treatment.


The success rates of IVF are increasing day by day, but still, most of the patients have to go through more than one cycle IVF treatments to achieve a successful pregnancy. As new techniques are developed, success rates are increasing day by day. Before starting fertility treatment, you need to understand that you are starting a course of treatment, and not just single treatment cycles. This allows you to mentally prepare your mind that you may need multiple treatments. For more clarity, you should ask your doctor about the success rate and treatment. From a recent study, it is noted that most of the women conceive after the cycle of 6 months of treatment. 


Fertility treatments are an expensive option so before opting such treatment always makes a financial plan. It will help you in smooth treatment as you have a financial backup so you don’t need to worry about any expense and continue your treatment without any worries. Check your monthly income, saving and expenditure. Try to save for the treatment because IVF or other infertility treatments can be a bit expensive. And also, the money you save now will help you even after the baby comes.


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