We tell you to step by step how to clean the cloth on the pool table so that it is always impeccable and lasts a long time.

The billiard or pool table requires proper cleaning to maintain its good appearance. We must correctly clean the cloth so as not to damage it. Next, we tell you how to clean the fabric on your pool table so that it is always impeccable.

Before starting, it is essential to have prepared the material you need to clean the cloth  on your pool table:

1. Brushes to clean the bands and the surface

2. A vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle

3. Clean absorbent cloths

4. Cleaning solution for pool table cloths (Optional)


Steps to follow in cleaning the billiard cloth

You must keep in mind that cleaning your table cloth must be done with great care, patience, and delicacy.

 1. Remove the balls and clean them 

To keep your table cloth clean, the pool and cue balls must also be cleaned. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove all the dirt that may be on the surface.

2. Brush the cloth

To do it properly, start by brushing the sides of the felt, then the cover. Brush by marking straight lines, towards the pockets of the table, so that dirt falls into them, lifting the brush so that it passes only in one direction in each section. Do not brush in a circular motion, as this could damage the cloth. 

 3. Vacuum the cloth

With a handheld vacuum cleaner, at medium or low power, vacuum without sticking the nozzle to the cloth. If you vacuum too close, you could tear the fabric. When you have cleaned the entire surface of the pool or billiard table cloth, vacuum the pockets to collect all the dirt.

 4. Finish with a damp cloth

To finish cleaning, take a slightly damped cloth (not wet) and wipe it gently, very slowly on the felt in vertical movements. To complete the cleaning, you can help yourself with a specific cleaning product for pool table cloths. These types of products penetrate the felt without wetting it and help remove dirt trapped in the fabric of the fabric.

 5. Clean the wood of the pool table

With a damp cloth, clean all the wood from the table and pockets. Removing accumulated dirt will help you keep your cloth clean for longer.


Cleaning up small liquid spills

To clean up small spills, follow these recommendations:

1. Place an absorbent towel over the spilled liquid without rubbing. Let the towel soak up the liquid. Repeat until all spill is removed.

2. Add a small amount of warm water and place a new absorbent towel.

3. Repeat until the cloth is almost dry.


Recommendations to take care of the cloth of your pool or billiard table

To finish this little guide, we leave you some tips to keep your pool table in good condition, for a longer time:

● It establishes as a rule that you should not eat or drink near the pool table.

● Ask the players to apply the chalk to the blocks removed from the table.

● Clean the table followed by using it. Pick up spills right away.

● Put a cover on the table when you are not using it. It will help keep the cloth dust-free.

● Do not use soap to clean the cloth on your pool table. Soap stains the fabric.

● Use gloves while playing pool as it will keep your table free from your sweaty hand’s moisture


If you do not get the cleaning result you want, we recommend changing the cloth for a new one.

Did you like our tips? Do you use any particular method that has worked for you? Comment it and share it with others!


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