Why don’t you afraid of your kid’s cell phone activities? What do your kids do on a mobile screen? I think I am a bit foolish because if you know it all then why you are getting worried about your kid’s secret activities. Don’t make hypotheses yet, but you need to careful because you can see your child is obsessed and used to stick with the cellphone screen all the time.

Currently, you need to observe at what time he/she start using their mobile devices and how much they used to spend on the screen of the digital devices whether a cellphone or tablet. Let’s suppose your child is always staring at their device screen and press the keys of the phone like a piano player it means he/she could involve in social media or text messaging activities.

Cyber threats for kids parents need to know

If your child is obsessed with the mobile screen then you need to know about the online threats that are more likely to come in his/her way. Real-life predators have been migrated to the cyberspace and they are targeting teens and tweens.

 Therefore, kids are facing nightmares no time ever before particularly on social media apps. Bullies online, stalkers and sexual predators trapping children and make the victim. Once teens and children got trapped then afterward they start getting involved in inappropriate activities such as adult browsing activities and online dating and sexual hookups. That’s why you should see kid’s mobile screen with the help of parental control app.

How to get cellphone parental control app on kid’s phone?

You can see the children’s mobile screen but you should have a parental monitoring app to get the job done. Now use your handset and go to the installed or built-in browser and further make the search for mobile parental control software.

Once you are on the webpage then get subscription instantly. Get the license and check your email inbox and collect the credentials in terms of password and ID. Now get the target device possession for a while and install parental control software on the target device.

You have done with the process of installation then complete the set up on the target device. Now use the password and ID and activate the account of an online dashboard. Now get access to the feature that empowers you to see the screen of kid’s mobile to know what sort of activities they used to do.

Let’s discuss all the tools of mobile parenting app tools that provide you ultimate ability to know the activities happen on the screen in real –time.

Cell phone parental control app tools to see kid’s mobile screen

Live screen recording

Get access to the web portal using your device browser and then use the credentials to have access. Afterward, get access to the mobile device and then activate the screen recorder app. It starts screen recording and make short-time videos of the screen and send the videos to the web control panel. You can see the live recorded videos of the screen and you can get to know all the activities happen on the device.

 You can monitor the email sent received with a complete time stamp. Furthermore, you can get the logs of instant messaging apps such as messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, shared media and Voice messages logs. However, you can see the logs of cell phone calls, contact numbers, incoming and outgoing calls timings.

Apart from these activities, you can see the screen in terms of browsing activities and you can get to know all the visited websites, bookmarks and sent received text messages and chat conversations. You can see live YouTube visited videos and as well as the applied passwords on cellphones and social media accounts.


You can use the online dashboard and you can activate screenshots tool. It will start capturing screenshots because you have been scheduled plenty of screenshots at once and when the command has received to the target device you will have the screenshot. You can get access to the captured screenshots and you can see the screen of the phone alongside the activities.


Cell phone parental control app is one of the best in the business that enables you to see the screen of kid’s mobile in real –time.


Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She's also content writer and editor at spysmarts.She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips,software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications

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