Health Emergencies Are Unpredictable

There is certainly a possibility you, your spouse, and your children will never have any medical emergency requiring any professional help whatsoever. That’s a very slim possibility, though. Ear infections, chronic illnesses, broken bones, malignant growths, swollen lymph nodes, allergies, congenital defects—there are a lot of things that can happen unexpectedly.

Even if everyone in your family has a perfect bill of health from the ground up perpetually, that doesn’t mean some other human being won’t make a mistake that ends up injuring you or a loved one. The fact is, the heads of a family need to come together to find medical solutions. This isn’t an act of fear, it’s an act of wise preparation.

Nobody knows what good or bad may come to them in the fullness of time. So you hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Accordingly, at minimum, you need to find key practitioners in whom you can trust for when situations that are unexpected develop. What makes sense is categorizing medical professionals by basic needs.

For example, a general practitioner can cover everybody in the family, but they’re not a specialist. A pediatrician is better for children than a general practitioner—though don’t confuse a pediatrician with a podiatrist. Podiatrists deal in issues of the feet, pediatricians provide care for children.

Minimum Professional Medical Needs

So at minimum, you want a general practitioner, but branching out is also wise. Women in your household who are physically mature will likely need an OB-GYN at some point. It’s a good idea to find one. It may also be worthwhile to find ocular professionals, audiologists, and dentists in whom you trust.

For common illnesses like head colds, influenza, and sinusitis, you’ll definitely want to secure the services of an otolaryngologist like this ENT doctor in Waterbury, CT. If you’re not in Connecticut, then check out solutions of the same kind that are more local to your area.

For breaks, sprains, and therapy related to the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic professionals are to be recommended. They can help provide therapy, supplementation, and surgery solutions for nervous system and bone issues.

There are also situations where professional practitioners who regularly deal in mental health issues can be necessary. However, it’s worthwhile to note that both psychiatry and psychology aren’t as “exact” scientifically as general practitioners, podiatrists, pediatricians, otolaryngologists, orthopedic professionals, and OB-GYNs.

Some Medical Areas Aren’t As Necessary As Others

It turns out psychologists vote on which disorders to include in DSM manuals. Medical science relies on evidence, not consensus. So though the most well-rounded family health requires physical exercise at regular intervals, vitamin supplementation, and mental maintenance, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily mandate psychological or psychiatric solutions in primary care suites for your family. Use them only as necessary.

There is a place for such practitioners, but pharmaceuticals aren’t the same as vitamins even though many practitioners in medicine for the mind treat them this way. So though you may want to tick every box in terms of health professionals, it’s worthwhile to remember human beings aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, and not every option is one you want to lean on.


Rounding Out Medical Needs

When you’ve identified general practitioners, bone doctors, ENTs, foot doctors, OB-GYNs, orthopedic specialists, and pediatricians, you should have a suite of professionals well-rounded enough to cover the majority of your needs. To secure such help, you don’t have to pay retainer fees or anything; just do a little research.

Figure out which of these professionals in your local community are actually available. Weigh the pros and cons of alternatives in a given category based on reputation, proximity, and price. From there, put contact information of practitioners you trust where you can find it in the event of an emergency. Such action should help prepare your family for the unexpected.


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