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Gambling license of Malta for citizens of Poland: how to get it, what is needed for this

by Lance Phan
Gambling license of Malta for citizens of Poland: how to get it, what is needed for this

In order for citizens of Poland to be able to engage in gambling activities in the jurisdiction of Malta, they need to obtain a gambling license. She legalizes this business and regulates it. That is, those who wish to obtain permission must fulfill a number of conditions for security, confidentiality, guarantees and other parameters. In turn, the presence of a gambling license allows the company to cooperate with leading manufacturers of hardware and software and the world’s leading betting and gambling operators. And also to get the loyalty of the players who will know that their rights are protected, and the winnings are guaranteed to be paid out.

Types of licenses for online casinos in Malta

Permissions for betting and gambling in Malta are issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). It issues B2C and B2B gambling licenses for gambling and online casinos in four classes:

  • Class 1 – casino with a predictable outcome and lotteries;
  • Class 2 – games with fixed rates, betting on the aggregate of rates and spread-betting;
  • Class 3 – the so-called “betting” license: P2P (peer-to-peer), poker networks, betting exchanges and gaming portals;
  • 4th class – B2B license.

Benefits of obtaining a betting license in Malta

Specialists of SBSB law firm recommend Malta for opening an online casino for a number of reasons:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction;
  • Availability of tax benefits;
  • Malta is part of the EU;
  • Stable economy and political situation;
  • Malta is not an offshore country;
  • Ability to connect banking processing;
  • The ability to accept payments through international payment systems without the risk of closing an account by a bank.

What you need to get a gambling license in Malta

If you want to get a gambling license in this jurisdiction, you need to fulfill the staff requirements. That is, 1 shareholder is an individual or legal entity, and at least 1 director resident in Malta is an individual.

Then the following steps:

  • Registration of a company in Malta;
  • Opening a company account in a local bank;
  • Submission to the MGA and verification by the regulator. MGA requires a business plan for at least three years, constituent documents, a description of all games and technical implementation of processes;
  • Contribution of authorized capital, the amount of which depends on the license class.
  • Checking the regulator can last up to six months. The term of the gambling license is from 5 years.


How Polish citizens can obtain a gambling license from Malta

SBSB FinTech Lawyers offers assistance in obtaining a gambling license from Malta and other jurisdictions, including citizens of Poland. You do not need to understand the laws of Malta – the company’s lawyers will deal with the legal, legal, bureaucratic aspects of obtaining a license. Turnkey online casino license from scratch – if you are interested in this service, then you can contact the representatives of SBSB FinTech Lawyers by finding their contacts on the company’s website.

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