Can you think of anything as bad as running in your house holding your laptop to find the best signal to continue the office meeting you just got disconnected from? If you can’t think of anything as bad as this then think about playing your favorite video game on your PC and when you are almost close to winning the game, your Wi-Fi stops working. Now you cannot even hold your PC in hand and run across your home.


Since the whole coronavirus debacle happened in the United States, having a high-speed internet connection at home has become more than just a need. Even if you have the best possible mini office set up in your home, you still cannot pour down efficiency until you have a high-speed internet connection.


And while you are thinking you are the only person at home struggling from a weak internet connection than your family member in the next room is unable to stream his/her favorite TV shows. So to get involved in the troubleshooting and other solutions to fix your Wi-Fi connection and signals, here are few tips to start with:



Have the Best high-speed Internet Connection


This sure sounds like advice from captain obvious but this is the pro tip you need to hear. Before the troubleshooting process, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a high-speed internet connection in your house. Having a high-speed internet connection can solve major network problems happening in your home.


If you are living in the United States then the number of high-speed internet providers sure surrounds you. For instance, Spectrum internet is one of the best high-speed internet services provider in America. The company provides affordable and amazing bundles that run smoothly all on devices in your home.


All you need to do is get in touch with the Spectrum customer service to book yourself an appointment today!


Find the Strongest Signal Spot


Before you press agree to video conferencing make sure you have found the spot in your home where Wi-Fi throws the strongest signals.


All you have to do for this is hold your laptop in your hand like you hold the baby and then run along with it around the house to find where it is showing the best Wi-Fi signals.


Find Spot for the Router


Finding the best location for your router is as important as finding the best post while you are video conferencing with your office colleagues. According to the CEO of Shoelace Wireless, connecting your router to an Ethernet increases the Wi-Fi functionality. But if you do not have Ethernet available in your home then make sure your router is placed in an unobstructed and high location so that it can work properly. 


Try Trouble Shooting Router Problems


If you are blessed with, a huge home then with this luxury comes internet problems. So to solve this, try using a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the connectivity range of your Wi-Fi.


If even this does not work, then you can even try resetting your router’s settings. This might also help achieve strong signals.


If nothing works, it is time to upgrade your cable modem or router, it might be getting older and not capable of working.


Know the Usage


Due to the coronavirus outbreak. Millions of people were left confined in their homes along with their families. And with this wholesome and uncalled-for family reunion came the high internet usage.


While you might be having an important meeting with your manager, your sister might be streaming videos online. On the other hand, your brother might be playing video games on his PC. All of this situation increased internet usage and can disrupt the flow of the internet for everyone.


So before you conduct the meeting make sure you take notes of internet consumption in your home.


Also, make sure while you are doing important work on your office laptop, other idle devices that have Wi-Fi on should be turned off.


Moreover, make sure that all heavy downloads are planned for later and not at the time when you are working.


All of these options are secondary while having a high-speed internet connection remains first. You cannot simply involve yourself into too much work just for the sake of a strong Wi-Fi connection while you have the option to buy a better internet plan from a better provider.


Spectrum Internet, as we said, can help you with all the issues coming through.




The Internet is a basic need these days. We have quoted down some of the easiest ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal to make sure you do your work smoothly.



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