Having responsibilities is part of life, being accountable and giving your best for those whom you care for, your family is a necessity of society. And a standard and a good company understand that. They understand that along with professional responsibilities there lies personal ones. They have a family to look after, they have s personal life beyond office, they have needs and emotions which need something more than work and money.

The primary concern we have seen our employees having is to get the time to do the necessary early morning routine necessities for such relatives who might be sick or aged. Things, like preparing the food for the time till they get back, clean them, make the medications accessible, etc, are some of the things which are to be taken care of.

Such employees ask for relaxation for a few minutes in the morning which we provide them considering it an obligation and manage our work distribution accordingly. Moreover, there are emergency calls seldom though, for which we release them to attend the necessary situation as we must.

The employees, on the other hand, make sure that this obligatory compromise from the side of the company is greeted with due respect in a manner that they show more efficiency. So much so that work isn’t compromised on, they do as much work as much they would do had they been those minutes earlier which we have allocated them, sometimes even more perhaps. It’s all a gesture and expression of our obligations and gratitude.

It’s a two-way relationship though calling it genuinely give and take wouldn’t be right, but it also doesn’t fit the other way around. It would be very unethical and disappointing if anyone misuses any gesture of support. It kills the motivation level from the roots.

I’ve gone through that, you just lose the trust and Moreover, it hurts. Having a sound relationship of trust and respect, something like this shakes your belief right from within. It takes time to build trust which is very brittle. So much so that it takes minutes or even seconds to shatter into pieces. Which are often not repairable.

A good world isn’t that bad a place, after all, humanity is still alive. It’s always a good practice to be prepared for the worst though, but having a good assumption is a healthy practice. After all, you have to trust to build trust. It’s like, if you need experience for a job, then you need a job for experience.

On the other side, the moral obligation from the employer side doesn’t end at just relieving the employee in times of need. It’s more important to retain the respect level even after that which unfortunately some don’t.

The presentation of a good deed makes it worse than a bad deed. Nobody likes to be reminded of what good you have done to them, everyone does remember though. It’s a different thing that it’s their obligation to not forget and payback. A most important part of a good deed is to forget it after been done. Let’s just say it’s human, an ideal one though.

Employers sometimes exploit the employees under such circumstances. Sort of, trying to cash out the favor done to the employee. Clearly said, having his own motives behind the favor. And that makes it all so confusing as to who is doing a favor to whom?

This sort of behavior disheartens an employee who then everyday forces himself or herself into the work environment which suffocates him. The relationship is spoiled as the boss may not be very concerned about it but maybe it meant a lot for the employee. His efficiency will be drastically diminished which is an ultimate loss for both employer and the employee. It’s ultimately the efficiency of the employee that we require for the productivity we want.

To conclude, it’s utterly important to maintain every aspect of this, a healthy and sound relationship build on a level of respect and mutual trust. A good environment where creativity can nurture itself, an environment where you get metal peace, solitude and a sense of security. A place where you don’t get a compulsion of consistent stare at the watch wondering why is the time going so slow, desperately waiting for the time to finish the office hours and go home. A place and a superior who nurtures the self-confidence of the employees, giving more productivity to the company and society.

Part of professionalism is being a good human being, of values and principles. Who benefits not only himself but all those who are relevant and around.


I am a Psychologist and I work on personal development. I run a self help website

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