We all know that after Diwali, there comes Bhai Dooj, and all the sisters are stuck in confusion about what to gift their handsome brother. To have the best Bhai Dooj, you simply need to have a couple of ideas regarding the preferences of your brother. With planning and a heart loaded with love and affection, you will definitely be successful in finding one of the best and practical presents for your brother. Here is a list of the handpicked Bhai Dooj gifts for brother.

Watch – For The One Who Is Always On Time

On the Bhai Dooj celebration, a watch would actually be a great present for a brother from a sister. Show your mindful front to your lovable brother with an astounding gift box of a watch or a box of watches, including his favourite brands. This Bhai Dooj, bless him with your love and a great gift.

Shoes – He Always Wanted

Like ladies, men too are crazy about shoes. Bless your brother with the shoes which he wanted to purchase for a long time now and wish him a very Happy Bhai Dooj. This will make him really happy and lift up his mood for sure. Without a doubt gifting your brother a pair of shoes; of his favourite brand will be the best gift of Bhai Dooj for him.

Waterproof Speakers – For A Bathroom Singer

If your brother loves to listen to music or is a bathroom singer who loved to sing along, then surprising him with a pocket waterproof Bluetooth speaker is really a great idea. Waterproof so that they can be suitable to place in a moist environment just like the bathroom.

Chocolate Hamper – For The One With Sweet Tooth

Boys don’t like chocolates, well this is not true, as some do. So, if your brother is a chocolate lover and has a sweet tooth, then you can surprise him with a hamper of some delicious and rare chocolates. This will express your love for sure and will also show him that you left no stone unturned just to bring a sweet smile to his chocolaty face.

Portable Solar Power Bank – For The Travel Geek

Well, if your brother loves to hick or travel around, then this next present is perfect for him and practical too. As we know, while travelling, it is really hard to get a spot where one can charge their mobile, so most of the time, it goes dead. To avoid such a situation, some genius minds have invented solar portable power banks. Yes, we know this will be a great gift for your beloved brother.

Coffee Hamper – For The Nightcrawler

Arabica, Robusta or Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Doppio, if your brother is familiar with all these terms, then we are sure he loves coffee and apparently knows his coffee well. So, brace yourself and try to get your hands on every possible type of coffee you can get and make it into a hamper. This surely will bring a smile to his face every single morning and maybe will help him to work well and actively at night, if he works the night shift.

Perfume/Deo – For The Big Collector

One of the best Bhai Dooj gift ideas would be gifting your brother a great scent so that he can use the gift each day. Choose the perfume or Deo whatever he prefers, or gift him the one that he always wanted. Also, if he is a big collector of perfumes, then you too add something to it. This will make him really happy.

So, wish your brother a great Bhai Dooj with your gifts and make him love you more.


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