Tamil movies industry is one of the biggest movie industries in the world right now. With many super hit movies reigning in the Indian Film Industry Box Office, Tamil movies are finally getting the attention that they deserve. Whether you are looking for romance, comedy, or full-on action, you can find a Tamil movie that suits your taste.

If you are just getting into Tamil movies and you don’t know where to start, then you are at just the right place. We have the best recommendations for you that you can try out right now!

7 Top Rated Tamil Movies

We are going to review some of the best and top-rated Tamil movies down below. We have lselected these movies based on their performance at the box office. Streaming sites such as Movierulz Pz feature all the latest and classic Tamil movies that you can stream or download for free.

Here are some of the best Tamil movies to get you started with your journey into the South Indian Movies:

  1. Bigil

The budget of Bigil was about 180 crore and it made over 300 crores at the box office. This movie was a huge success. Being a sports-based movie, it was well-received by the audience of all age-groups. The story talks about a former football player who is now training a women’s football team. The ultimate aim of the protagonist is to avenge the death of his father.

  1. 0

2.0 is the sequel to Enthiran and is a massively hit Tamil movie. This movie takes things to the next level with its graphics as well as the story. It made over 860 crores worldwide and was a huge success. In the movie, the Robot Chitti returns to fight evil and restore peace in the world. If you love Enthiran, you’ve got to check out this sequel for the movie.


  1. Kabali

Kabali follows the cliché gangster story but with interesting twists that would keep you hooked with the movie the entire time. This movie had a budget of about 130 crores, and it made about 295 crores at the box office. The gangster protagonist is back from prison and now he is going to take his revenge on his enemies.

  1. Enthiran

Enthiran was released in 2010 and it would be reasonable to say that it is one of the movies that made the world finally acknowledge the Tamil movies industry. Made with just 120 crores, this movie is now known as the All-Time BlockBuster. The story follows a robot created to protect mankind. The robot goes through many ups and downs throughout the movie that keeps the audience engaged through the entire runtime.

  1. Viswasam

If you don’t like full-on action and you prefer light yet meaningful stories, then we suggest you watch the Viswasam movie. It is available on many free streaming websites like kisscartoon. The movie is a typical marriage story and almost everyone can relate to what goes on in the story.

  1. Kaala

Kaala is a 2018 superhit Tamil movie that was quite well-received by the audience from the entire world. This movie didn’t make a lot of money relative to its budget, but it is still a great option for you if you are getting started with Tamil movies. The visuals as well as the soundtracks are definitely worth mentioning.

  1. Singam 2

Singam 2 is a sequel to Singam and is also a massively hit movie that you must check out. This movie is a cop story and is much like what you see in other cop movies and TV series. But the thing that makes this movie stand out is the way it is executed. The action sequences feel totally out of this world and the actors did a great job portraying their respective roles. It is a must for you if you love the good old cop stories.

Final Words

Tamil movies cover a wide range of genres and topics that you might want to watch. Many Web Series has also been released for the audience who prefer long-term fun and entertainment. The movies that we have reviewed here should be a great starting point for you when starting to watch Tamil movies. Stay Tuned with us for more recommendations about Tamil and South Indian movies.


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