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4 Recent Innovations Changing the Online Casino Realm

by Lance Phan
4 Recent Innovations Changing the Online Casino Realm

People have been playing online casinos, depending on where you live, since the mid-1990s or certainly since the beginning of this century. In that time, players will have seen a massive number of changes and innovations that have changed the games they play change almost beyond recognition.

Many of these innovations have been, as you might expect, technology-based but have been more gradual rather than an earth-sweeping change. This does not mean, however, that these innovations have not caused a seismic shift in the way people play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or poker online.

1. Mobile technology

The first and most obvious of these innovations is mobile technology. With more of the world’s population now having access to a mobile device than a toilet, it was inevitable that people would want to play online casino games on their cell phones as well as everything else they do. It’s meant pretty much everybody on the planet has the potential to have their own online casino in the palm of their hand, and this flexibility and availability means that people can play whenever and wherever they want.

2. The introduction of crypto casinos

Depositing money into your online casino account could be a clunky process involving glacially slow bank transfers or paying in cash at your local 7Eleven and obsessively checking your balance, waiting to see appear the funds appear in your account. However, the introduction of other payment methods and significantly the acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin mean that the flexibility offered by mobile technology is also matched by the number of options players have to fund their accounts.

It should also be noted, however, that some online casinos only pay lip service to the concept, and fully fledged crypto casinos like mbitcasino.io not only allow you to deposit using Bitcoin, but wager using it as well.

3. The growth of the internet

The more widespread use of the internet means that the option of playing online casino games is open to more people than ever. As long as local legislation allows those who might otherwise be hundreds of miles away from the nearest land-based casino can now have access to thousands of slots, table games, and options for live dealer games at their fingertips.

4. The quality of games

The speed of the internet now also means the quality of the games involved will have improved as developers can cram more into each and every new release. It also means that there will be fewer glitches and hold-ups as people play, improving their experience, especially when playing live dealer games when dropping out in the middle of a hand or wheel spin cannot simply be carried on after re-connexion.

A few final thoughts

Big technological innovations have shaped the way everybody plays online casino games, mostly by increasing the number of people that can actually access these games for the first time. Mobile technology means that play is no longer having to sit in front of a laptop or computer at home to play blackjack or roulette, instead can now be played while sitting on the bus on the way to work or relaxing during a 10-minute break. This has been enhanced even further by the significant innovation of crypto casinos, which are most likely to shape online casinos in the future.

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